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2015 ecoboost


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whats up everyone? long time no type?

well my son is in his senior year in high school, and for being such a good kid (never gave us any trouble at home or school, except for a few missed homework assignments) and good student it time to get him his graduation gift.

we are thinking of a 2015 yellow ecoboost premium mustang, should be here in a month or so and pic will follow.

he said he wants a yellow one to match my boss. tear drop....


Spring Valley, CA
That is awesome! Congrats to your son. Its a beautiful car.
We just had a 2015 Ecoboost premium with Recaro seats at the Mustang By the Bay show a couple of weeks ago. We got to sit in it and it is very roomy and comfortable. From talking to the driver (it was a media car), it has a lot of go to it. Good acceleration. Your son will love it. Can't wait to see those pictures.

Here's some pictures of it.



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yeah, they are nice, we looked at a dib v6 but i think the ecoboost is the best one to get for him.

emilio good luck with the new one, u keep ur gt 500?


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update, my son and i went to the dealership and test drove the 2015 ecoboost.... i was not happy, loved the car, the interior but the power was not there
i guess driving a boss jaded me. my son did not like the power either.
they had a 2012 5.0 california special in silver with an auto and test drove it and he loved it plus he always loved the cali special, since he was born in san diego is my guess,
we got it. pic coming soon, we go pick it up today after school.

i was iffy aobut a 5.0 for my son but i know that "my key" will be used so i can limit his speed ect.