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Anti Street Racing Information


Wondering where I am!?!?

I registered and bumped your goals question.

I am waiting for an answer.



Wondering where I am!?!?
I just went to check out the site and looks to be a very good cause. I'm hoping it will get big enough where it can educate the police to the difference between street racing and car enthusiaste with mod car for track racing only. Also to promote legislation that will be fair to the gearheads that mod their cars for enjoyment and run on tracks. Many cops are gearheads, too and its the few that gives us a hard time.

Please post what you have above here:



Everrett Wa. Soon to be St. Louis MO.
I agree with CWO. I will play from time to time from a light. I dont race other cars in traffic where its dangerous. I think we should do more to support keeping tracks open. If we had more race tracks instead of shopping malls ect it would help with problem.

We used to race in central valley at a farmers air strip for his crop duster. The reason was:

Bakersfield was 45 min away.
It was closest track
test and tunes where once a month if we where lucky
T&T where packed where you only got 2-5 passes all day.

We are actually really lucky to have race legal.

I thingk we should support our local tracks and try to premote racing on track. Just my two cents. I think after we get this mustangs VS world event out of way maybe we should get a dom vs. inport race going. Keep coming up with ideas to get kids to track. Again my two cents