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Burger Mountain Run II - May 19th 2013



We had a great group of cars today for our long loopy drive for a Burger. It was tough to find a place to park 20 cars for a photo op during today's cruise, but I think we got a good one. Thanks to everyone who came out, I had a blast!







Spring Valley, CA
Great time, Dave. You put together a great route. Had a great time. Even though my car didn't have as much fun as I did.


Well-Known Member


Well-Known Member
yeah it was fun in the front of the pack, we were keeping it sporty. Not going to lie I am super impressed with Jared's car the K member and all the suspension work we did made his car handle on rails!


If u aint 1st, your last
Thanks john. Its a beast and what scars me is I try and loose my rear end but I can't. Damn thing sticks very hard to the ground. Kinda scary bc I can't find the threshold of my car but I guess that was my goal when building the car. I know on a real track u will kick my ass.


Spring Valley, CA
It was great going out with you all today... Having both clubs together again on a nice LONG cruise was Awesome. Great company as always. I found the website's of the two photographers who were on the side of the road today taking pictures of us as we drove by and our cars are posted on their site's.




Its always good to hangout and cruise with you guys. Hopefully you guys will join us for our next month's cruise.


If u aint 1st, your last
Thank u Napo619 for those great pictures. I love the shots u took of my silver 02 GT and hope u guys can join us again soon.