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California Approved Converters


Chula Vista, CA
Staff member


Beginning January 1, 2009 California Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B.) changed the law pertaining to pre OBDII (1995 and earlier) converters for the California market.

This new law firmly states that the California EO Number (Executive Order) must physically appear directly on the converter. The basis of the new law is explained below. We at Discount Converter are changing our database almost on a daily basis to bring online these new numbers. Even though you may not find your vehicle in our database...WE CAN STILL HELP YOU! Following is the procedure to find a California approved Catalytic Converter for your vehicle:
  1. Follow this link to our database to look up your vehicle and find the cat for your car. If we have an California application in stock it will be listed in RED!
  2. If no listing is found for your vehicle it still may not mean there is no listing for your car.
  3. Give our sales department a call and we will make every attempt to find you a California approved unit at a discount price.
  4. We have a strong technical department and they can help you in figuring out any problems with the vehicle.

New C.A.R.B. requirements for PRE-OBDII catalytic converters in CA.

New C.A.R.B. regulations (effective 1-1-09) change the requirements of pre-OBD II (1995 or older) aftermarket catalytic converters sold in CA. The new regulations require that pre-OBD II catalytic converters meet OBD II low emission vehicle (LEV) standards, a significant improvement in performance over the current generation catalysts.

These new regulations are limited to catalysts sold in CA, and do not effect catalysts sold in the other 49 states.

These new regulations are limited to non OBD II vehicles (OBDII became mandatory on 1996 and newer vehicles), so these regulations concern 1995 and older vehicles.

Discount Converter, Ltd. will be able to provide CA legal catalysts for the pre-OBD II market that meet all C.A.R.B requirements.


Q: Under the new regulation will my old pre-OBD II converters pass smog?
A: Yes, as long as it was installed before 1/1/09 and the vehicle meets the applicable emissions standards.

Q: I assume with a higher performance converter comes a higher price, what is the benefit of this additional cost?
A: C.A.R.B. studies have shown that by 2012, they expect to realize a decrease in emission levels of HC by 10,600lbs per day*, and NOx by 62,600lbs per day*. In addition, a potential reduction of CO by 102,600lbs per day is expected to be realized.

California has been through new C.A.R.B. regulations before, and the end result will be short term inconvenience and long term air quality improvements.