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Colorados biggest car meet...possibly ever!


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Whats going on guys, I want to start by apologizing for being MIA all summer. My best friend passed away the second week of June and been having a really hard time, havnt done much this summer at all and just been laying low and keeping to myself pretty much. With that being said, Ive been trying really hard to get back on track and move forward as much as possible and will be stepping back up to the plate and getting Wicked on the CO map. Ive been attending a couple of large meets in Denver the last few weeks and there are some big and legit clubs up there that Id like to get our club up to their level.
Well attending Colorado Street Car Takeover I found out about a meet at PPIR this Friday, Saturday Aug 1st from 5PM to 1AM. Its being put on by multiple local clubs and meet organizers such as 1320 Colorado, 719 Street Scene, Colorado Street Outlaws and even large vendors like ProCharger and Nitrous Outlet. Its supposed to be the biggest club meet that CO has ever had. There will be 1/8 mile drags, time attack and call outs for after the meet. I believe there will be vendors for food as well.
I will be in Denver on the 1st but will be back in Pueblo by 7PM so I plan to roll out there around 8PM or so if anyone would like to attend. Im not sure on prices or anything, Id assume its $10 to attend, $30 to race as usual. Cory and Brandyn have really been keeping us a float as a club this summer, attending local meets on weekends and keeping the WickedStangs name alive in Pueblo; Im back on track and will be by your guys sides from now on and get back on pace to grow like we were before the summer started.