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Come on people!!


Wondering where I am!?!?
I was only poking fun at the Prez and you closed the Thread from MVTW II where I called him out for racing?


You guys and gals need to lighten up some!!!


Wondering where I am!?!?
E said at the end of the second one he wasn't going to race and take care of the 3rd one, at the third he was holding a trophy, so he raced.

I was just giving him sh!t and it got closed.


Chula Vista, CA
Staff member
HP:) it was closed for somethingelse.. But, you are right.. I will have to fix that soon. My addiction is bad.. Can't wait for MVTW IV


Spring Valley, CA
I closed it out because it was an old thread and it was pointless to keep it open. I will do that whenever an old thread comes up and its out dated. It wasn't close for any other reason but that.


Wondering where I am!?!?
How about a favor, in the future, how about posting why the thread is locked. I thought I p!ssed some one off!!


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Global Moderator
No reason we cant do that. Mods should post as the last post on the thread that they locked it and why. SOunds good to me.