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Danny's moving Day.


Well-Known Member
I'm sure Danny would love to thank you all that helped him move today.





More pics-----> http://s728.photobucket.com/albums/ww289/darksly44/Dannys moving day/?albumview=slideshow


Spring Valley, CA
I would like to thank everybody for helping me move today. You guys are life savers. I will be nowhere without all your help. I would like to thank, Red, MustangCWO, Tommy, Wickedstangs, BlueBoss, Ears, Step on Mii, StarAngel, FightingSailor, Northerncountry, 1WKDRSH, LynchMob, HP (even when sick) & HP2. And Red, nothing broke. LOL!

Man, I can't thank you all enough. Thank you again!


Wondering where I am!?!?
Sorry we couldn't stick around longer sub. I still feeling like crap and have to fly on Monday.

Glad to hear you got plenty of help!!