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Got my tuner SCT 3 and am having Brad do the tunes at triple X. I bought a CAI so I will have to have it re-tuned to get the full benefit right?


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No.... The good thing about our older cars is they arn't so sensitive to mods. But the tune will do you some good.


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one of my Corry station friends should be joining the site very soon sent him the links he is totally down for the cruise


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Yea his terminator is pretty sick

2005 Tahoe LT ( family truck)
1993 camaro Z28 super charged (sold)
2000 mustang GT supercharged (sold)
2006 mustang GT with a $9,800 build list ( taking donations :) )


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have we figured out any date for this yet? i will be back in FL the end of June, i would love to come along for the cruise/dyno


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not to highjack thread, but some buddies of mine are having a get together 6-2-12 at Hooters in Crestview. any/all are welcome to come out and chill with some Ford folks.
sounds like some of the Subaru chums are talking smack and are wanting to come out and play!