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exhaust leak


Well-Known Member
Just installed my JBA shorties onto the foxbody this weekend and now i have an exhaust leak. I had a really hard time lining up the collector flange to my xpipe, and I'm 90% sure that is where my leak is at. The flanges barely lined up. How can I tell where my exhaust leak at?


Staff member
After a day of driving you should see it. The proper way to fix it would be to cut and fit the pipe to the headers and reweld, but copper permatex works too.


Crew Chief
Staff member
Board Member
I run an exhaust flange gasket on my JBA Header for the same reason. You can get them at Autozone.


Well-Known Member
I'll run and get some gaskets then. These headers were supposed to be easy, and now they're becoming a pain in the ass