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First SCCA event


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1996 Ford Mustang Cobra with 130,000+ miles. Just joined SCCA about 2 weeks ago. I have been wanting to for a long time. This was my first ever autocross event. I loved it and look forward to more. This event was hosted by SCAT. Throughout the day my runs got better every time except for my spin out lap. My first lap was a 98.122, 2nd 88.369, 3rd 86.330, 4th 84.777, 5th (spin out) 95.712, 6th 84.185, 7th 82.881, 8th 81.873, 9th 81.691, 10th 80.270. I know this doesn’t help the reader with an idea of good or bad unless they raced the event since the courses are never the same. Just shows was slowly learning the course/car. I was running group C/3 (out of 4). I got there at 0720 and ran around 1340. I got to watch other cars, listen to their times, and learn. With that based on the type of cars and their scores, my goal of the day was to have a time about 90 seconds. I think with more skill/seat time no other items needed on the same course time would have been 76 or 75. I walked the course at the beginning of the day and lunch time as well.
Didn't know anyone there besides my friend from work, but everyone was friendly and helpful. The friend rode along for every run and loved it. After every run I would ask him okay where to adjust? He wasn't experienced either but did the novice walk around with me and the SCAT members so we chalk talked the ride and what I wanted to do based on what we learned.
I am hoping for this next event to open up at qualcomm for April so I can register. I want to do one more practice day before jumping in to the competition. I did come in at 92.1dB but I have mesh burritos ready once I go over.
I look forward to more seat time and appreciate all the info everyone on this page provided.
Suspension Mods:
- MM adjustable rear lower control arms
- MM Front Coil Over Kit w/ hypersprings
- MM Rear Coil Over Kit w/ hypersprings
- MM panhard bar
- MM 4 point K-member brace
- MM full length sub-frame connectors
- MM 3 bolt caster/chamber plates
- MM pinion snubber
- MM FWD offset control arms
- MM K-Member
- Steeda X2 Balljoints
- Steeda Bumpsteer kit
- Steeda Shock Tower Brace
- Polyurethane Offset Rack Bushings
- Camber Adjustment bolt kit
- Bilstein axle wrap shocks-
- Bilstein HD shocks and struts
- Eibach front sway bar(anti roll kit)
- Eibach rear sway bar(anti roll kit)
- Prothane bushings for sway bars
- Lakewood upper control arms