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[Jun 30, 2012] Renegade Racing Series at Barona Dragstrip (Lakeside, CA)


Spring Valley, CA
The Wickedstangs Race Car will be participating in the Renegade Racing Series at Barona Dragstrip this season. C'mon out and support the club as we debut the club's racecar in its first competitive event.


The one you love to hate!!
Ima try and makes this aswell. Gotta get the 4.10s in next.

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Update on the race car:
1. Fuel is changed out.
2. Fuel Pressure Regulator is working.
3. Will be running the car on Friday night at Qualcomm for final testing.
4. If the car tests fine, we will be racing on Saturday at Barona.

If the race car is not up to speed, I'll be bringing my red fox to the track to establish a new personal best. :evillaugh:


If u aint 1st, your last
ill be at race legal friday night racing my stang unless the fox gets fixed. i hope it's ok bc i miss racing it :(


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The fox will not make either race as of now. If Dante gets to it in time, I will let everyone know. I will be at race legal to support the club and I will be racing my car on Saturday at Barona.


It was a bummer we could not get the club race car out the track this time.

I had fun running my street car though. A new personal best. In fact, all three of my passes were quicker than my previous best time. I guess the new torque converter, control arms, sticky tires, and weight reduction really paid off.

1.89 60ft
DA 3000ft
Weight 3800 (with driver)

I might have a problem with the trac-lok diff not engaging properly. I know there is a lot more in it. I just need to learn the new setup, to try and find the best launch technique. Oh, and to lose some darn weight...


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I also had a fun time, as always, with the WickedStangs Drag Racers. Although the clutch on my car can no longer handle the torque, I was able to pull a 1.65 60ft that left me with some hope. Looks like the car will need the new axles and Auburn installed along with a new "upgraded" clutch before she'll be ready to launch once again.