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Meet/cruise this weekend?


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The weather is finally getting to the point that we can enjoy it! I was thinking this weekend would be a good time to get together, maybe cruise a little and have a BBQ or something. Friday evening? Maybe Sat? What you guys think? I want to do it a day that most or all of us can make


Pueblo, Co President
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This is wwhere I am taking the stang to get cams, springs and retainers installed and a tune and possible other upgrades.
As far as a bbq I think Sat or Sun would be best. I am definately down to cruise and bbq.

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Corey was wanting to BBQ @ his spot but some things GS came up so if we can find a place and get a time for Sat we can get the word out. I'm def going to the dyno day if anyone wants to go, pretty sure Ahmed is going too, we will be leaving Pueblo around 9am, getting back by 5-5:30 pm in time to meet, BBQ and/or cruise Sat.