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Monthly Meeting Minutes July 1, 2015


Well-Known Member
Called to Order: 6:47 PM
Location: Workshops For Warriors
Members in Attendance: Bree, Reaper52, Mustangcwo, ladygaga2, CC, Double D, crumba60, WARRIOR F150, ST3RLINGY3LLOW, Soliz53, 07GT, sdsubzero4, Eric Chan, Ethan, David
Guests: None
Treasury: Donna paid $100 for the club catering her daughters baby shower. Added to general fund. CLub shirts were purchased for total of $240.
Race Car Fund ($1386.02), General Club Fund ($533), San Diego Chapter Club T-Shirts ($160)

Upcoming Events:
1. C'Bad Cars: every Saturday 0600-0900, open to all cars. Free to view
2. Wicked Wednesdays 7/8: Dave & Busters, Mission Valley, 2931 Camino Del Rio. 6 pm
3. Cajon Classic Cruise: Every Wednesday 3pm-7pm. Please see thread "On-Going Events" for complete schedule
4. Project Race Car 7/11: We will be making and attempt to turnover the engine in our Club's racecar. 1325 Sunset Drive, Vista CA 92081. 9:00am
5. Calendar Cruise 3 - Downtown Part I: 7/12 Meet up at Starbucks 3352 Adams Ave, San Diego 6:00 am rollout 6:30 am. This will be our 3rd Calendar shoot event covering the University Street Tunnel, USS Midway, Downtown Skyline.
6. Volunteer Event 7/12: 1:30-3:00 pm. This event will be to distribute food to Military Families in the Murphy Canyon Housing District. Meet at Starbucks 1620 Camino De La Rena at Noon roll-out 12:30 pm.
7. All American Car Show XVII 7/18: 8 AM- 2 PM. MiraCosta College, 3333 Manchester Ave Cardiff By the Sea. Open to all makes and models. $30 registration day of show. Flyer can be found here.
8. 7th Annual Custom Car and Bike Show 7/18: Starts at 2 PM First Baptist Church Clairmont 3219 Clairmont Mesa Blvd. Free to enter with Prizes given away to 1st-2nd place.

New Business:
1. All members in attendance were given a full tour of the Workshop For Warriors facility at 6 pm. This included explanations of the type of machinery they utilize, the certifications that veterans receive upon completion of a program and the different types of programs veterans can apply to.

2. 10 individuals were chosen by Bree to distribute Sponsorship letters for our calendar. This gives local businesses 8 different sponsorship levels to help us put together out 2016 calendar. Members please contact Bree if here if you would like to receive one of these sponsorship packets to distribute. Dont forget to post up when you have reached out to a local business that has accepted a sponsorship level!

3. The board members presented some upcoming changes to our Chapters By-Laws. We will be drafting up changes to include a insert for "Members in Good Standing". In summary, in order for members to maintain their right to vote in matters pertaining to the club, receive benefits/discounts for being Chapter members, they will be required to participate in at leaset 2 club events per month. This events can can include anything that has other members of Wicked Stangs Participating in and doesn't have to be and event listed on here or the Facebook page. To enforce this, members will receive a membership card. This card will have the members name and membership number associated. If member attends the required minimum events every month for that period, their name will stay on a master roster that gets distributed to local businesses that proved us discounts. If a member fails to attend the minimum events in that period, their name will be removed and their voting rights suspended until the next period. We understand that members will sometimes not be able to make the minimum events every month due to life events. For example; school, deployments ,work, family, ect. Members can be excused if they let the board know if they will be unable to make these events. More to follow!

Open Floor to Questions, Comments:
1. David presented the idea for us to hold a Mountain Cruise on an upcoming date. It was decided to hold this event on 7/19. David will come up with the route and more details will be posted soon.

Meeting Adjourned: 7:32 pm

Wicked Stangs San Diego Chapter is honored to now be associated with Workshop For Warriors and we look forward to forging an even greater bond and giving back to Veterans across the US!