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new engine i'm trying to buy for my 96 GT race car

Fresh Cobra

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I would recommend going with a Boss 638 with a Procharger. Here is a rundown of what I would build:
-Eliminator Premier Block with Billet Main Caps
-Billet Main Caps
-Roller Cam bearings
-4.700" Bore
-Crower Steel 4.600" Crankshaft
-BBC Snout
-MGP Aluminum Rods 6.800"
-Diamond Custom Blower Pistons
-Metric Ring Pack
-Fully Coated
-H11 Pins
-Total Seal Rings
-King Main and Rod Bearings
-Moroso Oil Pan
-Kaase Heavy Duty Oil Pump
-Bullet Custom Bullet Billet Camshaft
-Morel Lifters Solid Roller
-7/16" Pushrods
-Shaft Mount Roller Rockers
-Titanium Retainers
-Manley Nextek Valve Springs
-CNC Motorsports Ported Boss 429 Cylinder Heads
-CNC Motorsports Dominator Intake Manifold
-Custom Built Dominator Blower Carburetor for E85 or Alcohol
-Custom Built Procharger F3 Blower System
-MSD Ignition
-Engine Cost $35,000
This combination will easily make 1700hp PLUS!
A complete Custom Built Powerglide Package that includes the following would cost $5,000:
Aftermarket Case Powerglide
SFI Bell Housing
Locking Dipstick
Blower Converter
This would be all assembled to the engine ready to install.
If you opt to go with a Nitrous engine I could build a 638 ready for Nitrous for $43,000. This would not include any Nitrous Components.
The Twin Turbo option would cost $5,000 more.
An aluminum block can be used with any of the engines for $2,000 more. I prefer the iron block at these power levels but that is up to you.