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New Here? Introduce yourself!

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guess i'll make my introduction in this thread, since it's the closest to my area. :)

my name is damon. i've been in the mustang scene for a few years after a long hiatus. i currently own two: a 1966 mustang coupe that is currently in various stages of restoration and a 2001 svt mustang cobra with some light mods.

i am also the current chairman of the ford car club council, the group responsible for organizing the fabulous fords forever show. i'd like to extend an invitation to whomever the representative from OC/SD or a national rep to attend our next meeting to see if you'd be interested in joining. there are no dues, but your club would have a seat at the table and a voice in the yearly preparations for the show.

if there is some interest, please send me a private message and i would be happy to share more information. :)