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Pete's Suspension Mods


Staff member
I'm in the process of doing some Steeda full length subs, J&M lower control arms and an Ultimate 8.8 rear diff cover on Pete's car. I like these Steeda subframes. They come with tq box reinforcement plates for the rear and everything fit pretty good except for my fatass under this slammed mustang! I think I need some taller blocks! lol

I have the Driver's side sub done. Tomorrow I will start on the passenger side. I should finish it up sometime on Saturday and I'll have father's day off. :)

Tq box plate

Ready to be tacked

Seat support bracket, bolted and welded.

Subframe is in. Just need to prime and paint it.



Staff member
I finished up Pete's car today. His car was being guarded the whole time it was here.

started today by finishing up his passenger side subframe connector.

Next up was the install of the J&M lowers

After that I went to drain the diff and saw why it was leaking. Someone put a jack right on the lip of the stock diff cover and bent it. :confused:

Pulled it off and installed the Ultimate 8.8 cover and then added some royal purple.