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Procharger i-1 vs Whipple 624 kit


661.9 RWHP and counting!
Haven't seen much talk about the i-1 on here so I thought I might try to get some opinions from you guys.

Even though I've made my decision to go with a vortech (purely financial reasons) I've been doing some internet based research on the Procharger i-1. From what I've seen peak boost can come in at around 2500 rpm. That's a big difference from centrifugals of the past. Also, I've compared dyno charts from the i-1 and the Whipple 624 hp kit. It looks to me that the whipple only makes more power up to 3000 rpm (comes into peak boost sooner). However, the i-1 makes more peak hp on less boost (procharger = 7 psi vs whipple = 9 psi) with comparable to perhaps better temperatures at the throttle body. I would think this would make the i-1 kit a better buy than the whipple hands down. Although another consideration is the price. From what I've found out the Procharger is going for 8500 and the whipple is only 7500. However, I think being able to "disable" or turn down boost on demand for daily drivers or program when the boost comes in for track use or even pre-spin the procharger for the strip is well worth the extra grand. Still to each their own. But my summary of the situation is the procharger makes as much or more hp as the whipple when you'll use it at identical to cooler temperatures, with better repeatability at the track (practically eliminates head soak with its air to air intercooler), more high end hp, and the ability to program boost from almost nothing to full boost on the fly (even while driving down the road) or pre program where you want boost to come in and how you want it to come in (even base it off of throttle position percentage) which makes it a no brainer (if you have the money) as the obvious super charger choice for the Mustang GT (Auto or Manual).


Spring Valley, CA
I read something about it, but have not heard about it in actual use. But it does sound like an interesting option.