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Rear Wheel Horsepower on a 1990 and up 5.0 H.O?


Well-Known Member
Hey all,

I have a 1990 Fox that recently got a newish motor 35k miles!
I have looked all over the internet for the last few day, and could not find the actual power and torque ratings for a 1990 and up 5.0 H.O. looking all around at a couple of youtube videos it seems the flywheel hp and it says 225/300 Torque?
I watched a couple of videos, and it showed that they have about 207 hp to the wheels.
Currently on the car, I have Hooker comp. Headers 2" into H pipe and dumps into dual OBX mufflers.
I also have a crappy Moroso air filter, and my emissions have been removed from what I can tell.

Not too sure if these motors are rated under power, or if like BMW them measure their power at the wheels.

Sorry about all the questions, Just a newbie that wants to learn about these awesome cars :).

Cheers all,



Chula Vista, CA
Staff member
rwhp for a stock 1990 fox is somewhere between 180-200.. BMW rates there cars by BHP Brake Horse Power but, they are well documented that they underestimate.


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Has anyone run 275s on the stock shp wheels on the back without modification to the wheel well lip? I currently run 255 50r16 with no problem. I would post in tires and wheels section, but there doesnt appear to be much traffic there.