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Road to Super Bowl 49


So here is my prediction for SB49.
Wild card weekend: all of the home teams win.
Steelers, Colts, Dallas and Carolina.
The following weekend will have:
Pats vs. Colts Pats win
Broncos vs. Steelers Steelers win
Seahawks vs. Carolina Seahawks win
Packers vs. Dallas Packers win
Championship weekend:
Packers defeat hawks
Pats out score the Steelers
Pro bowl weekend:
Those selected show up and pretend to play football.
Super Bowl 49:
Green Bay vs. Pats with TB and company winning another.

Wild card weekend one point per correct pick
3 points per next weeks picks
5 points for the correct championship pick
10 points for the correct SB pick

What will you win? Absolutely nothing. Or maybe if no rules are broken the next available, and I am not banned for suggesting this, CotM.

At least 5 more must play to make this a valid contest and pick must be in this thread.



Chula Vista, CA
Staff member
In Vegas now and these are my picks

Week 1 - Ravens, Cards, Colts, Dallas
I have 50 on an 8 to 1 Dallas wins super bowl
40 on Dez Bryant first to score Sunday vs lions


Spring Valley, CA
I'll give it a shot.

Wild Cards:

Cardinals, Steelers, Colts, Cowboys


NFC: Seattle, Green Bay
AFC: New England, Broncos


Green Bay, New England

Super Bowl:

Green Bay