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San Diego Autocross


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Alright guys it's time for the season of Autocross to begin. All events are held at Qualcomm, and here is the schedule.

Saturday, February 2nd Practice, SE Lot DCCSD
Sunday, February 3rd Championship, SE Lot DCCSD
Sunday, March 3rd Championship, West Lot SCAT
Saturday, March 16th Practice, West Lot SDAD
Sunday, March 17th Championship, West Lot SDAD
Saturday, March 30th National Tour, West Lot Region
Sunday, March 31st National Tour, West Lot Region
Saturday, April 27th Practice, West Lot SCNAX
Sunday, April 28th Championship, West Lot SCNAX
Saturday, June 1st Practice, West Lot TART
Sunday, June 2nd Championship, West Lot TART
Saturday, June 29th Practice, SE Lot DCCSD
Sunday, June 30th Championship, SE Lot


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if you are interested in these events please visit the sdr-scca.com for the listing of all events in the San Diego Region.
Helmets are mandatory for all events and cost is right around 50 for the first time. Any questions contact myself, Dave 2K7GTCS, and Ethan Igottav8. it's a blast and even if you don't want to drive bring your helmet and you can ride along with me.