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Sweitzer Performance is up and running!


Resident Bracket Racer
Hey everyone, life has been insane this summer, but I'm here to tell you that hard work pays off! The shop is open for business, and we have outgrown our initial space. We are moving to a 3200 sq ft space in a beautiful building September 1st! We have a dyno next door, and offer full maintenance, installation and tuning services geared specifically to the ford performance community.

Right now we're at 41735 Elm Street Suite 204 in Murrieta, CA. September 1st we will be at 41665 Eastman Drive Suite 30 in Murrieta as well.

Reach us anytime at www.sweitzerperformance.com
(951) 331-3223

October 1st we are having a grand opening event and I would love to see you all there! Here's a few pictures of what we've had going on: