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TSB 10-19-4 2011 Mustang Clutch Stayout at High RPM


Chula Vista, CA
Staff member
BEFORE 4/25/2010

2011 Mustang

Some 2011 Mustangs built on or before 4/25/2010 with a manual transmission and low mileage, typically 10,000 miles or less, may exhibit a clutch pedal stayout condition at very high engine RPM. This condition will generate a concern of the clutch pedal remaining on the floor during high engine RPM shifts. When engine RPM drops, clutch pedal operation returns to normal. but the re-engagement may be abrupt.

The clutch pedal Stayout is a condition where at DEALER CODING high engine RPM, centrifugal forces on the clutch CONDITION system can reduce the force with which the clutch BASIC PART NO. CODE diaphragm fingers push against the release bearing. 2455 01 This can result in the clutch pedal staying on the floor until engine RPM decreases and the diaphragm return force increases. 1. Replace the Brake Pedal and Bracket assembly.

Refer to Workshop Manual, Section 206-06.
PART NUMBER PART NAME BR3Z-2455-M Brake Pedal And Bracket (Black-3.7L/GT 5.0L w/Brembo Brakes) BR3Z-2455-P Brake Pedal And Bracket (Metallic-3.7L/GT 5.0L w/Brembo Brakes) BR3Z-2455-R Brake Pedal And Bracket (Black-GT 5.0L Standard Brakes) BR3Z-2455-T Brake Pedal And Bracket (Metallic-GT 5.0L Standard Brakes) NOTE: The information in Technical Service Bulletins is intended for use by trained, professional technicians with the knowledge, tools, and equipment to do

TSB's do not mean there is for certain a problem with your Mustang. It just means that Ford has seen a lot of repairs for this particular problem, so they send a bulletin out to the dealers so they have general direction with warranties.