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1WKDRSH Transformation to a STAGE 6 Project


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You lined up against a 62 Beetle and "Herbie" got the jump on you so you pushed the super secret "GO BABY GO" button and when the engine superheated to 10K degrees C it melted your brake lines and caused you to have to drift through an interchange before hitting the wall 2 times, then you had a rock go through the window and got scared. That when you backed it into a cement pole messing up your back bumper. Then, as you were limping it home, the Beetle flipped you the finger, causing you to be distracted and wake up from the horrible nightmare. After waking up you realized that what really happened was that you were getting on the 15 and there were these other cars and well the rest will come out in time.......LOL



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Ok I caught up to the cobra, evo and the other ricer very quickly. Stay tuned for more action.....