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SCT Certified Tuner



All, I just got off the phone with SCT and I have my fingers crossed but, looks like I am taking a vacation to florida to attend there course on Sept 26, 2008. I will be certified as a Tuner on there SCT software. I have my fingers crossed.

1000 1 day class
300 plane trip to florida
200 hotel room
100 rental car

1600 dollars later :( But, the good news is I am doing for you guys and myself ofcourse remember I going to need a new job once I retire.. And this something I like...

SCT said:
What we issue is a certificate of completion. The standard training is $1000 and is a one day class. The closest airport to us is Orlando.

Plus, as we discussed -- this training is only for our dealers, so that would have to be worked out first.


Good News is I talked to a couple of local SCT dealers here in San Diego and they all have been very helpful to me. And have given me the recommendation to attend. So SCT has given me the OK.

Only thing now is the money:) Anyone in Florida? Well guys I am hitting the books like there is no tomorrow and brushing up on my electronic skills since I am at a neutral duty were I am working out of my rate.:( Well we will see.

FORD EFI Standard Training

In-depth 1 day training from 8:00 AM until complete (usually 5:00).

This introductory program offers you the opportunity to learn and review concepts of tuning with an experienced instructor in a classroom environment. You will have the ability to ask questions imperative to your specific business and tuning needs, discuss engine combinations and get recommendations on those combinations that have been proven to work. You will be tested throughout the class. The theory learned will then be put to the test, and you will be required to tune a real vehicle on our in house dyno. Once completed there will be a final exam that you must pass before you will receive your certification.

Class Content


 Software layout and menu options-
 Setting up and using Value files-
 Comparing tunes-
 Exporting files for e-mail-
 Updates-
 Tuner programming-
 The differences between factory O2 sensors and Wideband O2 sensors-
 Open VS Closed loop operation-
 Air fuel ratios-
 Fuel trims-
 MAF Transfer function adjustments-
 Open loop MAF adjustments-
 Setting up and using Livelink-
 Spark Tuning-

Table Categories

 Adaptive learning-
 Axle ratios and traction control-
 Cranking fuel and cranking lambda-
 Dashpot-
 Environment-
 Base fuel and base fuel cold.-
 Fuel injector value files and general info-
 Idle control, and compensation for cams.-
 IMRC and CMCV-
 Knock sensor-
 MAF-
 Backflow entry tp-
 Basic load w failed maf-
 Misc codes and engine disp.-
 O2 transport delay in seconds-
 Open closed loop-
 Shutting off rear o2 sensors-
 Returnless fuel pump-
 Pressure drop change with act-
 Rev and speed limiters-
 Basic shift schedules-
 Borderline knock-
 ACT CHT and ECT modifiers-
 Idle spark, gains and pids (cams)-
 MBT-
 System switches-
 Base n/v-
 Trans value files-
 Trans torque reduction-


Tell the cops nothing!
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bad ass bro. supposed ot get that email tune today. i dont have the cable though to hook my xcal three lol


Tell the cops nothing!
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yes indeed could be both that would be bad ace. ill hit you up with a PM emilio soon as i get the email


Well guys it looks promising I just got back from a business meeting and looks like I got myself a sponsor and a part-time job.. Will keep you posted and more info to come....


Tell the cops nothing!
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bad ass emilio congrats. now you can donate more moeny to the race car!! jk
probably end up selling the cobra and buying a SL600 amg


PM for Decals
Does it get any better than this?

Emilio, you are already worth your weight in gold. Now this?

You will be in such high demand, your family will forget what you look like! LOL