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Wicked Stangs 1st Super Snake


Well-Known Member
wait, i thought they put the pollished blower on the super snake, oh well it's still bad ass non the less....


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Staff member
Global Moderator
Very nice car! I am jealous I dont have one of those...

Just a couple things I noticed.......How many more times can they put SUPER SNAKE on that car? And how many different fonts did they use for it? Nothing against the car, I like what Shelby has done. Just kind of wierd that they would write it that many times on the car.....in different styles and such.

Great car and cant wait to see it up close!

He is going to drive it correct?



Very nice car. I would love to have one of those in the garage for the occasional cruise up the coast on a hot summer day. Guess I would have to get the vert and snake it.


New Member
Do they have the SS in Black? I have not seen one yet.........

The Super Snake is a "post title" package. Only current owners of GT500's can have thiers converted. With all the GT500's out there, all the available colors for the GT500's will eventually be represented as a Super Snake.