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1990 Mustang LX coupe


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Well I picked up mu motor today from Total performance and was very pleased with the work that had been done. I would go to them again and again for my motor. Greg was a great guy to deal with and kept me informed throughout the entire process. Here is a list of what was done




1. Hot tank and mag block
2. Hone block w/ torque plate
3. Final wash for assembly
4. Clean and polish Crankshaft
5. Line hone main W studs, set bearing CL
6. Surface block
7. remove and replace pistons
8. Pin fit pistons
9. Pin Fit rods
10. Resize rods, set bearing cl
11. Clean, mic, glass bead pistons
12. File fit piston rings
13. Blueprint and assemble shortblock
14. Rings, Bearings, spirlox, rear seal.
15. remove and replace cam bearings
16. Tap oil galley plugs, detail block
17. Machine piston tops .012"
18. Hot tank and clean intake, timing cover
19. SBF durabond cam bearings
20. 1 New probe piston
21. Askerly and childs duramoly ring set 1/16 1/16 3mm 4.005
22. Clevite 77 SBF 302 race rod bearings STD.
23.Clevite main bearings hardened STD.
24. Wrist pin spiral lox


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Engine looks fantastic. I am also a big fan of Greg and his work. Keep us posted on the build.


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Yes, I am going to have them done in my next step. Oh my oh my its a big step lol

Next stage of the build
Ed from Renegade Performance is supposed to stop by tomorrow and give me a quote to complete the build. Complete the long block, install turbo, run all new fuel system, tune, and dyno. This should get my car back on the road in the next few weeks. I have the crucible coming up in the next week so I wont really drive much anyways and the following week is Marine week so hopefully the car will be done by graduation.


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Well it's official the car will be headed to renegade in about a week. So in the meantime I decided to clean a few things up while I wait. The first thing I have begun on is the wiring for the gauges. Even though it could not be seen I was not happy with it and wanted it redone. So for now I started with the lights. Here is how it started until I finished it.



This was not ok with me so it was time to clean this mess up.








I know it's something small but I don't like seeing a mess. Who know what's next to clean up lol. Can't wait to get this car to the shop lol.


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I finished up wiring the senders and what not, I just wanted to keep it clean ya know lol.




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Nice work on the gauge wiring. I understand the need to return to some items and make them better. Although it's not seen, you know what's hidden.


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Well the car is going to the body shop tomorrow to get the engine compartment completely smoothed out, in the meantime the motor is almost complete. I stopped by total performance the other day and snapped a few pics.






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Hopefully in less than a year lol. I think the major stuff I.e. engine running, turbo installed and engine compartment painting is about three months though. I won't be taking it out much until its all done.


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Well I stopped by the shop yesterday when I had a moment and picked up the motor. I am very pleased with it. I am still waiting on the body shop to competel the engine compartment smoothing out but then after that the fun stuff starts.






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I was told the compression was at 9.25:1 and the AFR's are AFR 185's. Almost every part is either brand new or completely redone and like new lol. I will be installing the Meziere water pump today. I am going to be bolting down a few little parts today but will wait for the engine to go in before the majority once the engine goes into the car.


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Meziere electric? If its going to be mostly street driven just be aware an electric pump won't have near the life of a mechanical pump. 9.25 is it going to stay N/A?