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[Dec 22, 2012] Potluck BBQ Military Family Surprise- PLEASE READ ENTIRE... (San Diego, CA)


Spring Valley, CA
Created by Donna (Ladygaga2)

Hello WS Family-
This event is being held December 22 in front of my house since the neighbors are the ones we are giving this surprise to. The command is going to be helping with this also. We have 6 Marines that will be helping us set up and the command is bringing out 2 tables and sending some chairs. I will get a total count soon. The command is going to be getting them out of the house. This will start at noon but if u want to come help set up, then the meet up can be at the Starbucks in T-Town.

Potluck BBQ- Items Needed

Hamburger/Hotdog Buns-sdsubzero4/northerncountry/Gerving (USMC)
Potato Salad-Gerving(USMC)
Ice/Ice Chest-sdsubzero4/Rocha(USMC)
Cups/Paper Plates/ Utensils/Napkins-blown347
Carne Asada and Fixins'-MustangCWO, 2k7GTCS

If you want to bring anything else not listed, Please feel free. The more the better.

Please make sure u RSVP and let me know how many people u are bringing.

Meet up at 8:45AM at Startbucks 10601 Tierrasanta Boulevard San Diego
I will call to let u know when they are gone for sure. There will be someone at Starbucks
Any questions please contact me at 760-224-1002


Spring Valley, CA
Please RSVP again to those who have already done so. I had to create a new post so that we can post in. Thanks to Ladygaga2 for setting this up. Please see the above post what is needed and if you can bring any of those items, it would be helpful. Thanks again for your support for this worthwhile cause.


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If you want to help please meet up at the Starbucks in T-Town at 8:45am. I will call when they have left for sure for everyone to come to my house

10601 Tierrasanta Boulevard San Diego, CA 92124


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It is very IMPORTANT that you RSVP because we need to make sure there is plenty of food brought. Thank you all for your support


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I'll be at starbucks as well to help set up.

Come on everybody, this is a good cause. we can do better then this!


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I have the Carne Asada and I'm looking forward to spending some Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas time with my Wicked Stangs Family.
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