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[Dec 22, 2012] Potluck BBQ Military Family Surprise- PLEASE READ ENTIRE... (San Diego, CA)


Resident Bracket Racer
Merry Christmas to the wicked stangs family! I think this was a big success, and kudos to Donna for all your hard work.

We definitely gave them a great day! :) it felt awesome to be able to give back to a family that sacrifices so much for all of us


Spring Valley, CA
This was a great event and I think it is great that we were able to brighten one famiy and made new friends. It is especially wonderful that it is a military family we were able to help.
Thank you Donna for spearheading this great event. You know we will be looking for your continuous great work for our future community service event. But for now, you earned your rest.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Wickedstangs family!