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[Jan 5, 2013] Renegade Racing Series at Barona Dragstrip (Lakeside, CA)


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where do u guys like to park in the pits? i really don't know the layout out there. i'm trying to get there at around 0730 before the gates open. ill be on the lookout for you guys! see ya soon.


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Things happen and I couldn't go to Barona today. Maybe another time soon.

Old people are unbelievably unreliable (except with family).



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Another great day of racing with friends. Thanks to everyone that came out today to run and watch!!!!


If u aint 1st, your last
I had a great day hanging out with the guys today and I cant wait to do it again. I ran a 8.810 with a 3500 rpm launch and hooked very well so I know I have room to move up.


The conditions, were perfect. I noticed early on that a lot of racers were cutting some great times, and the track seemed really good. Air temps were cool and the track warmed up quickly. I kind of wished I'd of run my car today. I got these great pictures instead...







I am hesitant to stand too close to the action. I have seen some really bizarre equipment failures over the years, and it's too risky to stand close enough to the track to get the best photos. Today I took that risk. And captured these shots of MustangCWO during his pass:




Congratulations Todd, it was a real treat to watch this pass up close. I'm glad I was able to capture the launch photo, and to have a copy printed at the track for you as a keepsake.


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that was lots of fun! i cant wait get those control arms in and have a little less wheel hop. thank you all for the insight. i had a great time!


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Guess the old man can still row the gears in that sweet fox. Emilio.... Where ya at???

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Love the pictures of the two GT500s lined up to take the tree. 2012 cars driving like they stole them; it doesn't get much better!!!

Dave, thanks for all the pictures and especially the keep sake. Can you email the photo to me, I want to supersize. Mustangcwo@hotmail.com.