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[Oct 6, 2013] (San Diego) Mustangs By The Bay-2013 (San Diego, CA)


Spring Valley, CA
It is about two months away from this Big show for San Diego. We only have 9 members who have RSVP for this and not sure how many are actually registered. But we need to have a good representation to this, this is our local show and should have a huge showing. Heck, they even brought back the Club Participation Award because of our huge participation in the last few years. So, let's continue that showing.

If you are planning on being in the show, don't wait to register, it will be sold out. Also, the tie breaker for trophy is the date of registration, the breaker being the earlier registration date wins. They will be strict to keeping to 350 cars this year. Day of show is not guarantee and it will be $50. Register now and the online registration is now working, the link is above or http://www.sdmustangclub.com/index.php/mcsd-store/event-fees to register.
C'mon everyone, lets have a big showing. We normally have an area near the show center with a covering where we can hangout. Go to lunch at Seaport Village and look at some beautiful cars. Bring your family, it is a beautiful location right next to the harbor.


Resident Bracket Racer
Well I might be able to make it this year. The beast obviously can't participate but if I can ill come out and support while Todd steals my trophy again :p