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Chula Vista, CA
Staff member
DSC_0254.JPGDSC_0259.JPGDSC_0267.JPG wkedlx.jpg

Hello Everyone, I finally got off my arse and started working on Project WICKDLX. I bought this car from IGOTTAV8 and have had nothing but issues with trying to SMOG it.. I was not sure which route I wanted to go with this little project.. Till about a couple of days ago when I dropped a couple of bills on it trying to get it to pass SMOG. I failed SMOG twice now trying to fix all the little issues it has had. It failed twice in the same place NO high. Well this car being 11 years old needed some tender loving care.

Started to do a major tune up on it. Bought all new basic items for it.

  • Plugs Autolite 25 $16
  • Spark Plugs FMS 8.8mm $50
  • Cap and Rotor $20
  • BBK Header Gaskets $34
  • Stage 8 Locking Bolts $50
  • Set Timing to Stock 10* (FREE)
  • Changed Oil $20
  • New 02 Sensors $100
Finally hooked it up to a computer scanner and started fixing all the codes it had..
  • EGR Valve $90
  • EGR Position Sensor $30
  • Idle Air Control Valve $60
  • EGR Vacuum Regulator Valve (EVR) $30
Hoping that would be my issues, I took it back to get SMOGGED and sure enough it failed again.:(

I took the car to RPMM to help replace the cats when WES noticed my brakes were bad. After finding a bad brake booster which would cause a major vacuum leak and can be the main issue for failing SMOG.

I decided to order the Brake Booster and Master Cylinder because they both were bad.. I took one wheel off and found metal to metal contact and both Rotors were shoot...

  • New Master Cylinder $60
  • Brake Booster $ 72
  • New Outer Bearings $10
  • Two New Rotors $ 100
  • Brake Pads all around. $60.00


Chula Vista, CA
Staff member
After Replacing Everything above I decide to run the code scanner again. Because I will pass this time.:)

Ok I got codes:
KOEO 11 Test Good..

KOER 41, 91, 33
41 - HEGO(Ho2S) sensor voltage low/system lean
91 - HEGO(Ho2S) sensor voltage low/system lean
33 - EGR Valve not opening properly

I turned to some old sites, I used to lurk on when I was in the 5.0 days...
I went to www.sbftech.com and finally posted my first post there and been a member 2008 funny.

I was following one of there procedures for the 02 Sensor Codes that I got. and found it strange that the #19 HEGO Sensor Ground was located on the Throttle Body.

I asked if its ok to be there and Joel5.0 very nice guy and help says
Joel5.0 said:
as long as a max resistance to ground of <5 ohms is maintained it will work fine. Check resistance at pin 49 in the EEC connector, EEC disconnected, to battery (-) terminal.

Well sure enough my resistance was way high showing an open.

Well, I placed the #19 ground in the right place now and both my faults 41,91 cleared.. I am a happy camper now..

Code 33 is the EGR Vacuum Regulator Valve (EVR) did a resistance check on it and sure enough it was bad..

Replaced it and my codes 41,91,33 are gone. :)

I decided to run the code scanner one more time to make sure everything is good to go. And sure enough I get one more code:(

Just seems kinda odd since I had been getting codes 41 and 91, then I find my problem and fix it and then I'm getting Code 94 this is perfectly normal for more codes to show up after a lean code has been fixed.. The o2's can only really detect one problem at a time. And in the event that the 02's are reading lean or rich, those codes take priority over the themactor codes 94. So it can't detect the loss of thermactor air and a lean or rich code at the same time.


Chula Vista, CA
Staff member
Now that I am around 900 dollars into it why stop now...:)

YAY!!!!!! I just went and got the WICKDLX Smogged today.... :):):)


900+ Dollars laters... Let the modding begin..:)


Chula Vista, CA
Staff member
Alright sending car off to get painted..

Which wheels do you like?

93 Cobra Wheels

Regular Cobra Wheels

Saleen Wheels


  • 1991-saleen.jpg
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Well-Known Member
About time old man! Congrats, did you end up having to use my h pipe? I would go with the Cobra R rims and some smoked headlights. :)


Chula Vista, CA
Staff member
Back to working on WICKDLX now that the Holidays are almost over... Also, thinking of changing her name... to Project DAILYDRIVER (DLYDRVR) or Project SILVERSTREAK (SLVRSTRK) not sure yet...