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RACE LEGAL 10-19-2012

going to race legal friday

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If u aint 1st, your last
Who all wants to come hangout with me this Friday night at race legal? not going to race but if anyone needs to barrow a helmet ill bring mine. If anyone wants we can meet up ahead of time and get some food before the gates open.


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I plan on going and hanging out. I already have a ticket, so no big deal. Is anyone racing? I have a racer's ticket if anyone wants to purchase for $20.


I'll be there, but not running my 'Stang. I might run the Focus LOL NOT!


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Should definitely step up to the Boss while you are at it. Unless you want another vert of course.

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If u aint 1st, your last
the gt is the exact same platform as the boss but cost about 10k or more less. I agree with gt pick and cant wait to see all the mods u have planned with the 5.0


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i plan on going to hang out, my car is still at the shop :(. congrats on the turn around northerncountry..love that deep impact blue
it turns out that the folks at SWEETWATER HARLEY-DAVIDSON are gonna be there racing their harleys and some of em are all about racing. so i might go out and watch.