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2007-2009 SHELBY GT500 Test Mule Needed for Test Fitment of a Turbo System

Found a car fellas. Thanx for the help though. Here comes stoooopid powa. I clicked on something a few days ago and it showed the readers. i think he's seen the thread, if he SN is the same as his real name.
Well hell. He decided not to do the kit. He's gonna marry his old lady and needs to buy a ring and what not sooooo, I found this one. Header flanges and turbos on their way. Wish me luck

I better make more than two or I bought this thing for nothing lol. Not 100% yet until its made and material is added up. But I it'll be in the 6500-7500 area like Hellions kit. But more, and better parts. Billet wheeled turbos, better wastegates, aftermarket air to water, but not in the engine, and tubular headers, not cast manifolds. BUUUUUT, I am going to be looking in to getting it CARB legal. So I'm sure that if I get it, that's what will put it in the 7k range. Got to pay "the man" for "testing" my kit.
Haven't been slacking. Lots to do. Have to make money at the shop first to keep it open lol. Left the shop at 4am this week twice. B-day today and my dumbass is here haha :loco: