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2007-2009 SHELBY GT500 Test Mule Needed for Test Fitment of a Turbo System

Still alive. Just knocking out a few things while I was figuring something out. I popped a 300 psi rated hose on the P/S the day before I was going to dyno it. Pulled it onto the ramps and pop! Come to find out you can find a Napa with knowledgeable personal in it. Showed him the hose and immediately knew what it was. With high pressure silicone you need special clamps that keep the clamp itself from gouging the hose. Once you pierce the top layer of silicone, it knocks the rating down to about 50 psi he said. Learn something new everyday. Hopefully we got that figured and the weather will clear soon. Then we can get the real tune done.
Give you local guys an update. Got a pro racer package and tuned it myself. She is making a TON on pump gas. It's a blast to drive. Got my boost controller yesterday and took some time last night to start the install.

Was able to stop by and say hi to a few folks Sat. Wish I could have made a pass or two but still to much to do.
Really diggin' the deep dish. They stick out ever so slightly. We'll see. These are probably only track shoes. I'll stick with 10-11's for the street. Maybe see if they can take touch off the width when bead locking the inside.

Threw the rear end back in the car for now. Dyno just opened up. So I'm going back for more testing until I get the axles and other parts in I need to finish the job. Put in some switches, again fairly out of sight. Except when you looking right down on them obviously. 1 water pump. I'll keep this off until I'm ready to play.This keeps the water in the tank from getting warm from driving around. Takes quite a bit to over power what is in the IC alone. A few pulls on the dyno before it got to 98 degrees. 2nd switch will be for the line lock. Not sure if I will need one of not, but just in case. 3rd is for the ALS. Of course it's harder than I thought to actually trick the computer. I've found all the mapping I need but just need to get the computer there.
The in the back will hopefully make it easy to click off once the clutch is dropped. Click 'em and reach forward for the handle.

Here is 15.5 psi on pump

Well shit. Bought over 150 bucks in race gas and didn't even crack the first jug. Tuned through the night and got it done about 630 this morning or so. 60 deg in the shop. Iced it anyways to be safe on California "gas". Peak boost was about 21.5 and every time she would drop a pound of boost. Peak power numbers were at 20.5ish psi. Vid sooner than later. We'll see. Damn tired.

Here's a pull somewhere over 800rwhp