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2007-2009 SHELBY GT500 Test Mule Needed for Test Fitment of a Turbo System

Changed my mind. ended up doing 3in chrome moly .250 thick. Seemed dumb to come this far and not just replace them.
New tubes turned down to fit.

1/8 chrome moly double stacked. Meant for 5/8 bolts. If anyone wants a set let me know. I ended up having a few cut to meet the new minimum for the water jet guy.

A wee bit more adjustable. I almost modified the stock stuff. But it dipped in and was angled. Plus trying to weld the holes straight, forget that noise.
But this should me move the bar up and down while keeping it level so I don't dick up the roll steer. Hopefully I can slow the earths rotation a bit when the clutch is dropped

Got some time to work on it this weekend. Just need to figure out how I'm going to weld the mount in. Think I'll bring the tin down and make it so I can adjust it all in the car. If I make it so I can adjust all underneath, not sure I can keep the back seat without lots of modification. We'll see. Hopefully make the panhard tomorrow so I can take this damn thing off the rack. Plated the front mount with 1/4 instead. The frame has a huge reverse dome right there and didn't want there to be any chance of bending that plate. I hope this thing 60's like a mother. This was a bit of work :bash:

Whew. Got lucky as hell. Bought this kit wanting the L brackets, and would probably have to hack the mounts all to hell if I could even get them to work. Should be able to just angle them how I want them and weld in. I'll just record my angles and locations and do it when I take the rear end down. I'll do thaat and the ARB tomorrow. Late night this morning. Going to go home early... at 730

Got the shock mounts, anti roll bar ears and bracing done. Added a few pounds, but shouldn't hurt. Should keep her from flexing forward. Also mounted under the coil spring perches for strength. Not sure how much pressure actually gets applied there, but let it try now HA. This thing better hold up. If it doesn't I'm going to be PISSED.

How to do upper control arm thru the floor and keep back seats without modifying them. Maaaaybe have to do something in the center, but we'll see.
I'll have to make adjustments in the car, which could prove to be nicer. Something had to be done. Just putting it in the car would not let you get a bolt in many of the holes. Can't tell from these pics but the upper mount is completely welded in now also.

Being the forward thinker (HA), If I keep the car I'm going to do something stupid. If not the next owner won't have to drop, drain and air out the tank. I already did figuring I would have to mod it for the upper control arm mount. So I did a -12 feed into the stock baffling, and the return on the same side of the tank. This way all the fuel will be pumped into this side of the tank. Got to be a single pump. I just can't do three under WOT with a good conscience. Not sure 3 pumps would be enough of E85
Might be trading someone for a '11 GT if I can't find anyone lol. I really don't wannna buy another fuggin car. Hard to build, set up fees and minimum buys with a big ass car payment lol.
Eh, slowly. It's on the ground with the rear end centered. But need to bleed the brakes, align the rear end, pinion angle and tie a few things up. But have been working on jigs and changes for the 2011 GT's lately. Have a company that wants to fly me out to R&D a kit for them. They want to see how that goes because they have another 6 they need done. :confused: So extra time is a bit tied up right now. Really anxious though.
Customer just put down some numbers !! It ran out of fuel at about 6k, and the engine peaks at 7k. Who knows what it's gonna make when it gets another fuel system.

rlhay2;11356999 said:
More info:

pump gas 15psi = ~720 rwhp

pump gas + torco 18psi = ~830 rwhp

pump gas + torco 23psi = ~970 rwhp (860 rwtq) but we ran out of fuel at 6000rpm :(

In desperate need of a fuel system! Going to head back in a few weeks for the installation of exhaust cutouts, finalizing a few details, and going to try a 28psi C16 dyno run!!

In hindsight, I now wish I had opted for a full 3" exhaust. With the H-pipe and Corsa mufflers, this thing is quiet! I think a stock exhaust is louder than mine.

And there may be a rear gear swap in the future. The 3.73s require too much shifting! Going to try a 1" taller rear tire and then if needed 3.55s.

This thing is a monster. Took longer than anticipated but I am very pleased with the almost final results!